Explainer Video Created by Rex Video Productions.

If you’re happy with your marketing firm, that’s great. In fact, we may already be producing video for them. However, if you know the message you want to convey to your customers, we can create it in video — and save you the marketing mark-up! And if you’re not quite sure about your message, we can help you figure it out and tell your story in HD video.”


Save Money with Customizable Templates!

Starting with a template is a cost-effective way for you to have video on your site and in your ads. CLICK BELOW on your industry to watch a fully customizable video template. We’ll use your photos, text, and video, and add voiceover and music to create a video tailored to your needs. Click here for more templates and resources.

Free Premium Video Template!

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Who We Are

We are a company of dedicated, creative individuals committed to providing solutions and support for businesses through

  • marketing video
  • explainer video
  • targeted web video
  • broadcast advertising
  • HDR photography

As our client, you approve each phase of production to ensure that we successfully meet your goals and budget.

What We Do

HD VIDEO PRODUCTION: We produce corporate video, industrial video, and video for consumer market clients. We help our clients use video as a tool to brand their business and to educate and motivate their employees and customers on new concepts, products, and services.

HDR PHOTOGRAPHY:  We create crystal clear images — product, architectural, industrial, and corporate — using HDR photography and photo editing software. Our images help you brand, sell, explain, and entertain.

How We Do It

Our ultimate goal is to help you define your project objective and provide answers to your video and photography needs. To that end, we work with a vast array of media editing tools designed for HD video editing, 24-bit audio editing, HDR image editing, and HDR scanning including:

  • Adobe AfterEffects
  • Adobe Premiere
  • Adobe Photoshop
  • SilverFast Ai
  • state-of-the-art Digital Audio Workstation
Our Philosophy

We ensure that our clients receive the highest quality video and photography services at affordable rates. We succeed when we have achieved your goals!

Where We Are

Located in Amesbury, MA, we serve the greater New England area.
Contact us at support@rexvideoproductions.com or at 978.388.3239.