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John Greenleaf Whittier

Editor, Politician, Abolitionist, Poet

This biography examines the four main callings of Whittier’s life and the influences and turning points which led to them. Born into poverty, Whittier was able to use a meager education, cultivate his gifts and with perseverance, become a well known literary figure, abolitionist, women’s rights advocate, and politician.

REX Video Productions was honored to be asked to produce and create this video of an exceptional man’s life.


“Now to the DVD. It is an excellent, beautifully photographed and well narrated account of Whittier’s life.
You made wonderful use of photos and background material and, I think, put the proper emphasis on his life and achievements. You have done a fine job with the research, but the photos and your narrative give them a special quality and I think your film does capture the essence of what Whittier was and what he meant to his times.”
–Ben Pickard, Professor of English, published author, historian, and Ph.D.

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