24-Bit Audio Production

At REX Video Productions, we know that sound matters. We record broadcast-quality audio, add sound effects, loops, audio effects, and midi. You’ll never be left scratching your head and asking, What was that noise?   We do fully automatable, non-linear audio editing and mixing.

Multi-Format Optimization

We prepare and export the final mix of your audio or music files for distribution to CD, as well as a number of popular internet audio file formats, including WAV, Windows Media Format, and MP3.  We apply equalization, dynamic processing, and de-essing to achieve high-quality results.

Voice Over

We record to CD, DVD-R/RW, various media cards, and portable Firewire drive. We are happy to assist you with writing, directing, and casting upon request.

Location Recording

Publish a professional, crystal-clear podcast from your writing, speech, or presentation! Record in a relaxed but professional home office environment,  or let us bring our mobile studio to you. Recordings are made in 24-bit, 48 kHz using all balanced connections in order to achieve optimal results.

Audio Restoration

Our DAW (Digital Audio Workstation) can analyze and remove such background noise as tape hiss, electrical hum, and machinery rumble from sound recordings.  Unlike a normal filter, our workstation can do so without removing source material.

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