HDR Photography

Taking a great photograph is not really “point & shoot.” It’s framing the shot, lighting the area and the subject, and having the best equipment. We have all that. Our camera of choice is Lumix GH Series, in our opinion, the best camera because of its versatility.

Lumix camera

Of course, none of this creates a great photograph without a skilled photographer in control. At REX Video Productions, we have that, too.

And taking the photo is only half the process. When we get back to the studio, each image goes through a meticulous photo editing process to ensure the highest quality output and to make sure it tells the story you want.

Our critically acclaimed photos have been in high-end catalogs and broadcast advertisements. We would love to create one for your business — whether you need a product shot, a corporate photo, an industrial image, or an architectural shot.

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HDR Scanning

Keeping your photos properly stored is difficult. Light exposure and handling will destroy them over time. Your images, whether business or personal, can be scanned and adjusted to preserve their maximum fidelity without any further deterioration.

Media Transfer graphicREX Video Productions utilizes SilverFast Ai award-winning scanner software to preserve your images for the future. SilverFast Ai is high-end scanning and image optimization software from LaserSoft Imaging, a pioneer in high-end desktop imaging. SilverFast Ai and SilverFast HDR work in full 16 (48) bit mode.

Besides delivering uncorrected output into 48 bit HDR-format, this software provides full 48 bit color-corrected output, thus enabling the optimum throughput while securing maximum dynamic range!

We’ll transfer your photo prints or slides to an uncompressed .tif file, and we guarantee that your images will be the best that they can possibly be — and remain that way.

Additionally, we offer media transfer services including:

  • video or film to DVD transfer
  • slide or photo to DVD transfer
  • digital photo to DVD transfer
  • digital photo restoration
  • cassette tape to CD conversion
  • and most analog to digital conversion

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